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Mark Tedesco is a writer and educator residing in California. Having lived in Italy for eight years, he enjoys weaving stories connecting the present to the past and exploring how deep human longings are expressed in relationships, events, culture and history. 


Mark has written in the genres of travel, historical fiction, memoir, self-help and childrens’ fiction. His titles include: That Undeniable Longing, I am John I am Paul, Lessons and Beliefs, The Dog on the Acropolis, The Words of My Father and Loving Hoping Believing. Mark’s Dixi Books title, She Seduced Me: A Love Affair with Rome, brings to life Mark’s love for the magic of a city, in which he weaves history, personal stories and interviews into a tale that, little by little, also seduces the reader.

Lessons and Beliefs: Learning to Love, is Mark's title coming out in November, 2021. Beginning with beliefs and ending with lessons learned, Mark Tedesco's latest journey takes the reader on a quest for healthy love. Sometimes a roller coaster and other times a gentle ride, this work speaks to every person, man and woman, who has ever sought out another as the object of affection. Though the author writes from the perspective of a gay man, the insights gained are universal. "Lessons and Beliefs: Learning To Love" is self-help, relationship analysis and memoir. The book gives a riveting account of healthy and unhealthy love, interdependence, and codependency. The reader eventually discovers the fundamental foundations of an authentic, healthy and lasting relationship.


Besides writing, Mark is an educator and he loves to engage his students in his love of history, literature and of each person’s unique story.  In his off time, Mark likes to travel but, somehow, he always ends up returning to Rome where, he is convinced, other stories are waiting to be uncovered.

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