Mark Tedesco is a published author and history teacher in Los Angeles. He was born in California but lived for many years in Europe. There he developed a unique perspective which is apparent in his teaching and writing.


His first book "That Undeniable Longing - My Road to and from the Priesthood" is a memoir of his sojourn in Rome in a Vatican seminary leading to ordination. Readers have been taken aback by his honesty and integrity in recounting his journey. See the CNN program on Mark's story.

His second book is "Loving Hoping Believing - Poetry to Live By". Poetry comes alive here as the words express the love possible between two persons, the joy of being united, the anguish of loss and the hope of fulfillment.


Mark's third work is a work of historical fiction on the forth century soldiers John and Paul. Mark enjoys drawing the reader into the historical genre especially of the ancient world. "I am John, I am Paul: A Story of Two Soldiers in Ancient Rome" is this work which Tedesco considers to be his greatest.


"Lessons and Beliefs: Seaching for Love in the Gay World" is Tedesco's latest book. Self-help written in the form of a memoir, the book delves into the themes of healthy vs. unhealthy love, emotion and comittment, leading the reader to reflecting on his/her own relationship experiences and the lessons learned.